Does the idea of a long bath soak in a hot tub sound alluring? Did you know that not only does soaking in the bathtub make you feel better, more relaxed and soothing, but it can also be good for your body too?

From burning calories to helping with flu symptoms, there are a whole host of reasons to have a bath soak for your health.  Read on to learn about some of the many health benefits of soaking in your bathtub. 

1. Help Your Muscles and Joints

If you have ever had aching muscles from an injury or hard work out, you know it can be painful. The heat from a hot bath can help loosen tight muscles and provide some relief. The heat increases circulation through your body, which in turn, provides some relief to tight muscles and aching joints. 

Consider adding our CBD + Arnica Hot Bath Soak to your bath to get the additional relief. With no added preservatives, dyes, fragrance or coloring additives, it gives relief in the most natural way possible. 

2. Treat Your Skin

Warm water can act as therapy for your skin. It opens your pores and releases toxins from your body. Soaking for a period of time, allows your skin to benefit by releasing the toxins, but also getting hydrated from the warm water through those same open pores. 

3. Relieve Stress

The effects of stress on your mind can be daunting. Did you know that stress can also have a profound negative effect on your body too?

Stress over time that isn’t managed can impact your health in a number of negative ways. 

One simple way to manage stress is with a good bath soak in a hot bathtub. The warm water is relaxing. The more you release your stress the better. Consider being kind to your body by finishing your bath and giving your body a deep moisturizing. Our Berde CBD Body Butter is plant-based with almond, coconut, hemp seed, and shea butter to give your body a full moisturizing treatment.

4. Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

There’s a reason athletes hit the steam room and use heat after a hard competition. When you soak in a hot tub, you increase circulation through the body. 

5. Help With Chronic Conditions

Soaking regularly in a hot tub can also help with some chronic health conditions. 

If you are diabetic, scientists believe regular exposure to heat therapy, like a bath, can increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. For those suffering from arthritis, the warm bath can help the side effects of a bad arthritic episode. 

Benefits of a Good Bath Soak

A bath soak is not only a nice relaxing way to end your day; in releasing tension and stress it is giving you some downtime and has a number of benefits for your body too. 


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